Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIRTy Learning

This week we got a little DIRTy with our learning.  We used our observation skills to to observe dirt.  Joe noticed that clay is a solid.  Nikolas and Katherine recognized that clay was wet and sand was dry.  Caden saw little rocks in sand.

I was so proud of the kids.  Students were able to use their previous knowledge and apply it to today's learning.  They remained focused and on task.  Everyday I am reminded that we are really getting ready for 2nd grade.

On a side note, thank you for the birthday wishes.  Mrs. Blair and Raymond treated us to some yummy cupcakes to celebrate.  I loved each and every card.  It truly started my special day off special! I feel loved!

Friday, January 17, 2014

there is nothing an AGGIE loves more than a tradition...

Being an Aggie, I love my traditions and carry that love home.  The last few weeks have been spent in Social Studies learning about traditions and cultures.  We had a little show and tell time where everyone brought in something that was a family tradition to them.

Here are a few of the things our families do as a tradition...

Raymond - "Every year on Elvis's birthday we go to Chueys'"

Nikolas - "We smash the birthday cake on the birthday person's face"

Dylan - shared about the Dutch Santa

Nicole - showed a doll that wore clothes from Peru (where her family is from)

Joe - told us about the April Fool's jokes that they do every year - I hope I remember to be ready for this one!

JaDona - shared pictures that she colors with her little sister every afternoon

Holly talked about her annual beach trip

Aiden shared an ornament that hangs on their Christmas tree every year.

Katherine and Emerson showed off the Aggie spirit by showing off their parent's Aggie Ring (I have promised to bring mine in - age has made it not fit anymore), and I'm glad to say they both made it home safe and sound!

This was a great way to show off about our families and practice our Oral Language!