Friday, March 30, 2012


Did you know... Every few days we have an Author of the Day. This writer is chosen for showing skills taught in the lesson in his or her writing. After our share time, I present the book. The kids love to guess who the author is. It is usally not hard to guess, the pride on the writer's face gives it away.

Way to write Altwaime...My Basketball Game was a great celebration today!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Celebrations, Recognitions, & Revelations!!!

The last two weeks have flown by.

Yesterday we were able to celebrate the student's hard work. Every 9 weeks we gather the entire grade level and honor their hard work. My favorite awards are the Respect Reward and the Achievement Award! Each are earned by going above and beyond, either by setting an example of self control and responsibility or making an improvement in something! Way to go CLASS!!!

The week would not be complete with out a heartfelt thank to our sweet Mrs. Clarkson. Each student created a page "If you were a book your title would be ..." and why they think that. We finished it off by making a book for her to keep. My favorite book title, and I am sure if published would be a best seller, The Helper. Mrs. Clarkson we will miss your sweet smile and willingness to always teach us something. THANK YOU!!!

You may have heard me say that light bulb moments happen all the time in first grade, but this time of the year ideas and thoughts are snapping like fireworks. This week we were working on problem solving, kids used their visualization skills (a reading strategy) to create pictures and discuss (their oral language) what they wanted to do, their editing skills to write what they knew, and their math knowledge to bring it all together. It was great to see all the little lights burning!

Friday, March 9, 2012

No time to stop...

The week has been busy with creative learning. Thank you for supporting our performance on Tuesday night. The kids had a great time sharing all that they learned about Texas. We celebrated today with an old-fashion Texas Sized Chili Cook Off. Thanks to Mrs. Pearce, Mrs. Thomas, and Mrs. Paul, the entire first grade sampled chili, cornbread, and watched their performance. We licked the pot clean, as some kids went back for fourths!

Science has been exciting as we learn about the sun, stars, and moon. Today we re-created the moon phases with oreo cookies. Students brought home their work to show off.

Lastly, students have been working on research projects for the last few weeks. Two groups showed off their work in the commercials Tuesday night. Today another group finished and presented their research on clouds. They worked to research, write a reader's theater script, create costumes and direct the extra actors.

I hope you enjoy seeing their work as much as I did! I wish you a restful spring break. As for me, I feel as if it is Thanksgiving and not Spring Break. I am loving the sound of rain (and hoping it fills the lake), looking forward to some lazy mornings, time with family (our oldest is visiting from Boston later in the week), and ready to watch some great volleyball (Good Luck Elite Nike Team - go Addie) this weekend. I feel blessed today and everyday because I LOVE what I do...thank you for trusting your kids with me! HAPPY SPRING BREAK!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Texas came to life...A - Z

Wow! I hope you are as proud of the kids as I am tonight. Students have worked so hard, and learned a great deal about Texas. Thank you for helping us make this a great event. Like I said tonight, from costumes to scripts, they did it all. Thank you to Mrs. Blair for helping us sound beautiful (anyone who knows me, music is not my specialty). We will be ending the Texas Celebration with a good old Texas picnic Friday afternoon with samplings of chili and cornbread!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Read Across America Day!

What better thing to celebrate than READING! Today we had a great mystery reader. Here are the clues students were given.

I wear a neckerchief, but am not a cowboy.

I build mailboxes, but am not a postman

I read to Mrs. Johnson.

Students guessed everything from a special author, Mr. Johnson, and another teacher. Some even guessed right ... My dad!

My sweet dad spent some special time reading one of my favorite childhood books. He even dressed like the main character, Pa Bear!

Be sure to ask your students sbout the fun game he taught us!