Friday, September 24, 2010

Today was Johnny Appleseed Day - By Katie and Friends

We learned about John Chapman. His nickname is Johnny Appleseed. He traveled around the new land planting apple seeds. Did you known that an apple seed is a pip. We do!

This is what we did...
Avery - "We made applesauce"
Andrew "the applesauce was awful"
Trischell "It taste like cinnamon"
Alexis "we investigated the apple sauce, by using our senses"
Elaina "the apples sauce was the best - I had 3 cups"
Harrison, Nicholas and Zachary. agree with Elaina

We had a fun day learning and investigating! Mrs. Johnson is going to add the pictures later this weekend (because she left the camera cord at home!)

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mrs. Johnson's Class,
    I'm so upset that I missed the applesauce. Did you make it from scratch - peeling, cooking and seasoning the apples? You have to promise that next time you cook, you will invite me.
    Mrs. Snyder