Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello again!

Wow! where did January go? We have been so busy that we have forgotten to make a post on the blog. I hope the new year has kicked off good for each of you. I know I was glad to be back in a routing and see my sweet kiddos again. The best part of January is the growth that we see. Reading and writing is happening with great care and attention to detail.

Here is what a few have said about the new year back at MWE...
Karime "I am glad to be back and see my friends"
Katie "Yea - I get a button on the front row!"
Andrew "I finally got my desk in a different spot"
Devon "Can we write all day?"

Bundle up tightly tomorrow is going to be another cold day (ask your student what kind of word tightly is...they will know it is an adverb!)

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