Friday, November 18, 2011

So much to be thankful for...

Today, in my opinion, is the kick-off to Thanksgiving. I LOVE the Thanksgiving Feast, and the chance to visit with so many family members.

Today in Community Circle, we talked about how Thanksgiving got it's name. Students were quick to say that the Pilgrim were thankful to the Indians for sharing their land and food. We followed up with sharing what each student was thankful for...

Zach "I am thankful for spaghetti, because I get to eat it! And that my dad goes to work, but I miss him"

Meredith "My cousins because they are so fun"

Altwaime "myself, because I am working so hard (and Mrs. Johnson agrees he is working hard!)

David "My mom because she brings me nice things"

Abby "food because I love to eat"

Chris "my dogs, because they go upstairs with out me having to tell them"

Anna "my mom and dad because they do fun things with me"

Keeley "my friends and family because when I am sad they make me feel better"

Haytham "My friends"

Mrs. Puckett "my friends and family because they take care of me"

Asher "thankful that I get to play soccer, because my dad coaches"

Caden "Dr. Pepper because when I am thirsty I can drink it"

Jake "I am thankful that my dog will wake me up in the morning"

Elija "I am thankful that the Pilgrims created Thanksgiving"

Sydeny "for my brother, because he plays with me"

Cecilia "my sister, because she is nice to me"

As for me, my list is long. I am constantly blessed with an inspiring class full of energy and thoughts. I am thankful for my family - blessings abound with happy kids, a loving husband, and wonderful example for parents (and especially for my Dad that he has offered to help me pack my room) Hoping your Thanksgiving is full of family and fun!

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