Thursday, April 26, 2012

Show Me the Money!!!

Have you heard?  1st Graders are in the money!  I hope you have heard about our 1st grade economy.  Students have been working the last 4 weeks to earn, save, and spend money.  Students have pay day on Monday mornings.  They can earn more money for doing their "job" all week, but also get fined for things like noise pollution, not being prepared, and not following rules of the road.  Every Friday, students have the opportunity to spend on a special Fun Friday Activity.  Those that don't have enough or those that choose to spend, use the time to enjoy some silent reading.  Every few days they have the opportunity to buy mints during station time.  I try to encourage them to think ahead at what they the long term plan is, but instant gratification seems to win!  This becomes an important lesson on Friday, when it is time to pay for their activity.

We even "rent" special pencils and pens to use during writing time!  One shoe serves as a  "security deposit".   It only took a few times for them to understand that they don't get their rent back, but returning the pen in the good condition will return their security deposit  (very important before recess time).   This is a wonderful introduction to making good choices with money.

Take time to find out how much is in their wallet?

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