Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bitter Sweet

This morning I lay in bed thinking about today...the first thing that came to mind was a sweet tart.  As a kid, I loved the way a sweet tart tasted when you first put it in your mouth.  Sweet and smooth, after a while a tart taste caused me to spit it out.

The end of the school year is just like a sweet tart to me.  The thought of lazy summer days, long runs,  late mornings and no schedule is oh SO SWEET!  The tart comes, when I have to say good bye to the precious personalities that filled my room all year.

This is what a few said about what they loved about 1st Grade...

Zach - "field trips and my mealworm (he already died)"

Altwaime - "math tubes and recess"

Haytham - "lunch"

Maggie -" I don't know if I can think of one thing"

Meredith - "laughing with my friends"

Keeley - "my friends and my teacher"

Cecilia - "learning about  "

We ended the day with one of my all time favorite books (it is the one I most remember reading as a kid). The Emperor's New Clothes.  I love the lesson, if you know you know that you are right about something, don't give in.  What a great lesson to leave 1st grade on.  Make good choices and stick to what you know is right.

With a tear in my eye, I am thankful for a break to rest and spend time with my family.  I thank you for sharing your most precious gift with me and letting me learn with them!  Have a restful summer and DON"T FORGET TO READ!

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