Friday, October 26, 2012

because it MATTERS!

What a great day to learn about heat (when the weather is getting colder!). 

We had a SCI-FRI day - all science all Friday!

Today we learned about heat.  And we used that energy or heat to change matter.  We made a hypothesis on how to melt an ice cube.

Righley said, "leave it on your desk." Maddie said, " put it in the pencil box."  Jonathan thought to hold it to the light.  After forming our hypothesis, we tested it out.  After a little waiting (and some wet desk), kids started to touch their ice cubes.  Madeline and Gabriel noticed that when they held it in their hand the ice melted faster. 

After all was said and done, we realized that the heat from our hands was the best way to make ice melt fast.  Kaylann even said that the room was hotter than the freezer so that in time the ice would melt from the heat of the room. 

Later we used heat to change a liquid to a solid by making pancakes.  It was exciting to see the change happen right before our eyes (and it was yummy in our tummy).

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