Friday, April 19, 2013

We had the Luck with Ms. Lucht!

Today was Ms. Lucht's last day!  We loved having her all semster.  Here is what a few of the kids thought...

Madeline "she was always with us"

Kaylann " It was so fun when she made a cloud in a jar"

Zealtiel "She helped us"

Ashley "she was always helping us when we were reading and had trouble"

Aniyah "she always helped us"

Myles "she helped us plant are plants"

Logan "she is very kind"

Shervin "She showed us fun games"

Claire " she really helped us"

Gabriel "she was a good teacher"

Abby " she made learning fun"

Erin " she made school fun"

Siona "she helped us in math"

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