Thursday, March 6, 2014

What a Surpise!

To go along with Read Across America Day (well we are making it a week), we had a surprise reader.  The clues for our reader included...

1.  He is a boy scout.
2. He makes mailboxes, but is not a postman.
3. He LOVES to read.

Emerson did a great job at connecting information.  She guessed the reader was my dad, because months ago I said he was a boy scout and could tell us the way to fold a flag.  Way to go, Emerson!

I have the BEST dad is the entire world.  Not only does he help with random jobs, like building the perfect stand to fit a camera, he dressed up like the book character, Pa Bear.

After reading, he talked about all the different reading that he does.  Students introduced themselves and talked about why they are special.  It was a great treat!

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