Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hands on learning (with a little bit of cold fingers!)

This week our scientist have been learning about heat and light. We did some hands on investigations. Students made a hypothesis about how best to melt an ice cube, and then tested their idea.

Several kids thought that holding it in their hand would work the best.

Zach said "blow on it"

Keeley said "hold it to the light"

Mohammad said "use a microwave"

Chris thought to "throw it against the wall"

Haytham said "put it in the sunlight"

After working in our classroom, we tried Haytham's idea. Students were amazed at how fast the "solid turned into a liquid" (What a great way to apply what we learned the last few weeks!)

Once the investigation was complete, we came to a conclusion...HEAT was the one thing that was in every idea that worked! It was a true (cold) hands on learning time!

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  1. What a great investigation!!! Hats off to Mrs. Johnson and her scientists!