Thursday, October 27, 2011

so what is the WORK desk?

Thank you for taking time to meet with me during parent conferences. I thought it would be helpful to give some more information to one of the most asked question during conferences. What is the work desk? And has my child gone?

from the student's eyes, this is what they think about the work desk...

"because sometimes people be bad"

"so you don't talk to the person you are talking to"

"If somebody is not doing the rite thing"

"I think we use the work desk so that people can not get distracted"

"We work there when people are being loud"

"So we can get our work done"

The real truth, the work desk is meant to be a place for students to work independently with out distraction. It is located close to my table so that I can add extra assistance and still work with a small group. At times, I will move a student to sit there if they are talking - but it is not intended to be a punishment. I hope this helps clear the water.

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