Friday, January 6, 2012

Short but, Oh So Sweet!

Wow! We are back and in full swing! This has been a very short week, but well worth the learning. We started the week setting goals for the new year. Her are a few...

Zach "is going to feed his dog and not his food"

Jake "is going to concentrate in school and do his best"

Keeley " listen to my family and teacher"

Haytham "to follow directions"

Anabelle "read 4 chapters every day"

Mohammad "finish my homework on time"

Anna " help mom with chores, like setting the table"

Lindsey "organize her book shelf's"

Some kids may have told you about the mystery backpack that I found...we have used clues from the backpack and things we know about those clues to try and find the owner. I think we have the mystery solved...Make sure to ask about the owner!

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