Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SKYPE - we have new friends!

Ask your students what Skype is? Today we learned a new verb and put it into action. We were able to skype (or video call) a 1st grade class in San Antonio. This was a great way to kick off our unit about Texas. Mrs. Balido's class, from Scobee Elelmentarty, had great questions for us. We were able to notice all the things that we have in common and some differences in our 2 schools.

We have plans to skype again in the next week. They will be gathering information about San Antonio, while we look for things about Houston. We can't wait to share our information.

Mrs. Johnson's favorite part was when Mrs. Balido asked a question to both classes. The students thought it was neat when Keeley was called on to answer the question that came so many miles away!

Just another way to make learning interactive and real!

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