Wednesday, January 30, 2013

looking to the PRO!

All year I have tried to show students that you will never know EVERYTHING.  The important part of learning is knowing where to go to find the answers.  I like to model this often, as I use a dictionary to look up words.  Students know that we can use books, the internet, and now they know we can ask good questions to professionals.

In Science, we are learning about how water gets from the Stream to the Sink.  After a few different lessons, students (and myself) still had a few questions.  Knowing that we had a Professional Dad in our class, we typed up our questions and waited for the response.  Thank you to Mr. Molly (Madeline's dad) for taking time to help us find answers to our questions.

Student's were amazed to learn that the treatment plant is staffed all the time (yes, even Christmas!).  They were quick to connect that if the treatment plant stops making "clean" water, we could evently run out at our homes (and as Abby said - "if we ate a late dinner, we would have to brush our teeth with dirty water").

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