Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Rest of the 1st Grade Year! it's all in the phrases...

Wow!  It is great to be back in the swing of learning.  I feel like we didn't miss a beat.  Students came in and went right to work.  We spent time talking about our goals for the new year.  During reading we learned about phrases, and pulled phrases from our own reading to write a class poem.  After it was put together the students named it - "The rest of the 1st grade year" (I am sad to say that they are closer to being 2nd grader than a Kindergartner - time really flies when you are having fun!)

It reads...

Wondrous to behold
yes I can
I can laugh

It's so cold
We need clothes
drink hot coco, big warm house
coats on, coats on for the snow
my mittens, a hat, and a scarf
cold winter is coming

I will play with you
jump in the bunnies hole
oo oo ah ah
summers hot and dry
gets lots of sun

starting to rain
look at the puffy clouds
all around

60 days of school

Here is a picture of the finished product!

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