Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tool #2

Wow! Thinking about all the possibility's of blogs is mind blowing! I feel best when I can work with fellow teachers to learn different ways to hit the needs of all my kids. This technology opens that up to not just educators I see daily, but to a whole world of teachers and learners. I see how commenting is the key to the dialog and the learning.

I loved how the "cool cat teacher" shared the comment from the 3rd grade student. What a great reinforcement of positive self-esteem. For children who are shy, commenting can really build self-esteem in a more protected environment.

I spent time visiting other sites - It can be a little overwhelming. I made comments ont he following blogs:
The Blue Skunk Blog
2cents Worth


  1. Ash - I love how you put your own classroom as the background for your avatar. How did you do that? I have blog envy!

  2. There is an option to upload a pic from your computer. I used Addie's computer and recorded my voice. This stuff is addicting. So much for getting things done on the summer to do list!

  3. I agree with the overwhelming part! I have to set a timer and make myself GET OFF THE COMPUTER!!