Friday, June 18, 2010

Tool #3

This tool has shown to be endless. I see so many possibilities with the word bubbles and different applications. I can see that kids who are resistant to write might find this to be very motivating. I used the flicker books. Wow, what a great tool. I wrote a true story of my husband wanting me to pull him in the boat while he wake boards. I am not the best driver and the story will show what happen. I had trouble going back to edit something after it was published. I will have to keep playing with that. I also wonder if there is a way to use your own pictures, instead of flicker. Often times I have kids bring in pictures of things they have done to help jog ideas as they write - if we could plug their pics in and they add the words I see kids motivation and interest rise greatly!


  1. You could create a flickr account and upload pictures to it and then use those pictures. I wonder if Picasa has similar features? It is a Google tool and we will be using Google Apps beginning this fall.

  2. Ashley, I love reading your comments and thoughts. You are absolutely right about how these different tools are safe places for students to create and be excited about learning.