Friday, September 9, 2011

Game Time!

With the kick off to football season, we are ready to kick off Guided Reading! Look for guided reading bags to come home next week. Guided reading is a time that I work in small groups with students to deliver instruction to fit their needs. They will bring home a reading bag every day with books, please return the books the next day.

We will also start words their way (a spelling program fit to meet their developmental level). They will have homework every night and a test on Friday. This program is designed to teach spelling patterns and not just memorize words. I will move them to a new spelling pattern once they have mastered and shown application of the pattern in their daily writing. The first 2 lists are a whole class list and will seem very easy. We do this to teach the procedures (they have classwork everyday). In 2 weeks they will get their individual list and we will be ready to hit the field running because they will know what to do.

Enjoy your weekend, and Gig Em Aggies!

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