Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's all GOOD!

Today was a great day for learning. We were able to see and learn from the author of Pete the Cat. Here is a little bit about what the kids thought...

Cecilia, Asher, Zach said "I liked to the illustrator draw the picture"

Lindsey, Caden and David said, "The illustrator was funny because he talked in CAT!"

Mohammad. Alauna, Altwaime, Abby, and Elijah liked singing the songs.

Meredith liked when Mrs. Johnson got asked the big question.

Reagan and Jake thought the story was funny

Chris said, "he liked the way the author could play music"

Keeley liked the way he played the harmonica (and Mrs. Johnson wishes she could do something like that)

Make sure to ask you students about Pete the Cat, because "It's all good!"

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